Bella Parties is very excited and enthusiastic to get in touch with you to bring a ray of sunshine to our little kids around the country whist we start isolating in some very uncertain times.

I am Jo Quelch and I run a very successful children’s party events business.
Recently I’ve had endless calls from my clients devastated that their kids cannot have a party. Being a parent myself I know how upsetting it is not to let down your kids.
Therefore, I came up with an amazing idea that will keep our kids full of smiles and enthusiasm while many families are having to self-isolate.

I have set up a fun service called “VIRTUAL PRINCESS Parties” 👸
A fantastic member of our team is a professional actress, fully attired as a fantasy Princess and will run a fun non stop party for your child and all their guests via a virtual Zoom link with lots of music, fun and laughter. Just contact us here to book.

As you can imagine as this crises worsens and all leisure becomes limited; playgrounds, parties, restaurants, gatherings… parents around the country are going to be desperate to find new ideas to keep their children happy and amused. I hope myself and my team at Bella Parties can keep the fun still thriving!