It’s tough times at the moment with energy bills, mortgage bills, and food prices all continuing to rise while wages stagnate. Many families are feeling the squeeze with budgets hit hard.
So, if you’d like to treat your child to a party they’ll remember, but you’re worried about the costs, we’ve some top tips to have an amazing party on a tight budget.
Our Money Saving Top Tips for Children’s Parties:
  • keep the party intimate. Children, especially when very young, can be overwhelmed with too many guests, so keeping the party number small not only keeps within budget but can also means less stress and greater enjoyment for all.
  • no need to hire a venue. Especially if the party is smaller, parties can be held at home. If your home or garden is not suitable, do you have a friend or family member who would be happy to share theirs for the occasion?
  • make your own decorations. No need to splash out on lots of fancy decorations. Re-use any decorations you already have. Or make some from coloured paper, tinsel, newspaper, toilet roll holders, glitter – whatever you already have. Involving the children in this can make it even more exciting for them. Also gather together and use around the party area any posters, merchandising or toys of the theme or character you’re hiring. Get everyone involved at home to build the excitement to the big day.
  • our entertainers can work in any space. Rest assured, we don’t need lots of room to do the games and entertainment. Our great children’s entertainers will fully engage the children and keep everything running smoothly. Having your very own entertainer visit at home is especially special and will make lifetime memories.
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